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7 July 2010

"Our son, aged 9, is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. As he is high functioning he is generally perceived to fit within his mainstream peer group. However, socially he can get things very 'off mainstream.' Shauna works with his communication skills -- both how he perceives communication and how others interpret him. Over the three years of working with Shauna we have worked on making good choices in situations, how to get out of loops, how to hold a conversation and stay on point, idioms, and much much more. My husband and I have benefited as much as our son and Shauna has become an extension to our family unit."

"My daughter who has an autistic spectrum disorder enjoys her sessions with Shauna. When the sessions started I indicated to Shauna various problems which might be tackled by social stories and she has provided social stories to help with some of these problems at a pace my daughter can cope with -- e.g. my daughter is frightened of loud noises, so we have a story which reiterates that 'loud noises never hurt me.' Among other things, Shauna also works on holding conversations in an appropriate way, and speaking at the right tempo and volume. Any progress is slow but worthwhile."

6 June 2010 —

"Working with Shauna is good because she helps me to make some files in my brain. The files help me to think when I want to talk to other people. I like working with Shauna because Shauna is lovely and nice. She listens to me. She's always cheerful."

29 June 2010 —

"My son is 17 years old and he has Autistic Spectrum Disorder with communication difficulties. He has been seeing Shauna in the past couple of years. Shauna has always been very positive and patient with him and has developed various strategies to help him to overcome difficulties and improve his communication techniques. As with all autistic children, my son has his ups and downs but Shauna has always been very supportive and never has she raised her voice or lose her patience with him. I am very sceptical about all the 'cures' and 'therapies' on offer for children with autism which sometimes lure parents into putting their child or even the whole family into guinea pigs with no real benefits, but I am a firm believer that with the input of a good Speech and Language Therapist, some aspects of autism can be better managed, and Shauna is one of them."

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