Therapy —

I have a wide range of clients who receive ongoing therapy. This regular input allows me to get to know my clients well and enables me to tailor the therapy as needs change. Therapy is provided for speech, language, and social skills. My clients range in age from 4 to adults. Therapy is and interactive.  Like all therapists I believe in making the therapy as enjoyable as possible — and my clients have fun.  I make my therapeutic techniques as moveable (kinaesthetic) as possible to accomodate different learning styles.

Therapeutic intervention often includes group work with matched peers to help build social interactions. This has proven to be highly successful — and has even led to friendships between clients.

There is a growing desire for people to make different choices about the intervention or therapy received from a speech and language therapist.

If a client is receiving therapy from an NHS therapist, I will liaise to ensure that all therapies are cohesive. 

Ongoing reports can be provided and it is hoped that these will be passed onto any appropriate professional, school setting, or care facility.

Therapy helps —   

  • Speech – to become clearer
  • Language – understanding and use of words and sentences
  • Narrative – to put together stories — including personal experiences of the client
  • Social skills ­– by incorporating experiences unique to the client to teach interaction strategies and focus can include developing friendships
  • Phonology – which goes on to develop literacy skills
  • Emotional and Behavioural - develop an emotional understanding to help make better behavioural choices

Therapy can take place —

  • In Birmingham (near Cadbury’s)
  • At the client's home
  • At a school or care facility.


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