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I am a skilled trainer. My enthusiasm is contagious. You will learn a lot but with a smile on your face. The training sessions are practical, practical and practical. I like to explain theory in an accessible "easy to understand" manner and trainings are full of useful information from my own clinical experiences. But the focus is always on the practical. Some comments from training sessions include:

"Very useful. I can use many ideas in my practice. Also able to pass on some ideas to parents. Thanks for making the day so interesting and informative."

"The day was great — really relevant materials presented excellently — a good laugh."

"Some excellent strategies for me to try at home. Very informative. Helped explain some issues at a deeper level."

Training is becoming increasingly necessary as more complex clients are being included in various settings. This means that professionals must constantly improve their skills. I provide frequent training courses through various organisations.

I often develop bespoke training. This addresses specific issues of the participants. It has proven to be beneficial when members of the same family or organisation speak the same "language."

Training opportunities for parents of children with special needs is a growing opportunity. I offer regular training for parents.

Please contact me to get details of upcoming classes.

Training topics include —

Social Stories
A highly successful, practical workshop to teach you how to write a social story. Social stories (developed by Carol Gray) can be used to help change a behaviour. They can also be used to prepare for change or transitions. My technique is creative and unusual. It is fun for both the client and the person writing the story. My training comes from my own clinicial practice where I have successfully used the tecnique to change the lives of clients.

Comic Strip Conversations ™
This Carol Gray technique is client-led. It helps to understand some of the nuances of interactions — then goes further to help with understanding emotions. The colourful technique then provides a language that can be used for future discussions. It never fails to teach the ‘professional’ about what the client is thinking.

Social Stories ™ and Comic Strip Conversations ™
It has proven successful to do a half day workshop on Social Stories. Then have a break for 2 weeks while the social story is implemented.

When you return in 2 weeks you will be able to seek advice on the use of the social story before moving on to a practical session on Comic Strip Conversations.

Social Intelligence
This course is full of practical ideas on how to help teach social intelligence. There is lots of focus on the teaching of empathy or perspective taking which when impaired can drastically affect social interaction.

Differentiating the Curriculum
This course is designed for teachers. It has been divided into a few areas which can then help a teacher differentiate for a whole class. The techniques are practical but not impossible.

"I’m a teaching assistant — help me differentiate the curriculum"
This course has been run at all levels of education and is designed to give a hands on experience of making a lesson more tangible to a young person with language difficulties. The course is also called "Thinking pages" as the key is to provide a visual tool for a young person to use to access the lesson but also for future revision.

Communication for People on the Autistic Spectrum
This training is a regular part of the Autism West Midlands modular course. Although it is mostly theoretical you will go away with some new and practical ideas of how to interact with others.

Other Training opportunities

  • Speech difficulties and how they can affect literacy
  • Language delay vs disorder — and what can I do about it
  • Behavioural issues and emotional development
  • How to use play skills to develop a social understanding

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