Speech Therapy is —

Part of the medical profession — but it is not medicine. I am not a doctor. And yet I am able to review the facts and make a differential diagnosis.

Part of the education system — but it is not teaching. I am not a teacher. Yet I am able to help educators understand how to teach appropriately to people who are on the edge of the mainstream "system."

Not a matter of life or death — but it is a matter of quality of life. I am able and committed to helping the quality of life improve for the person with difficulties and, just as important, for those around them.

Speech Therapy can tackle —

Speech How words sound
Phonology How words get meaning from the various sounds
Literacy How understanding of sounds affects reading and spelling
Language How we understand what is being said and how we put together our sentences and thoughts
Communication How we interact with others; the pragmatics of interaction
Social How we interpret the social aspects of life including the development of friendships
How to develop emotional understanding to improve behavioural choices

Shauna Delaney is

  • A specialist Speech and Language Therapist with a specialism in Neurodevelopmental Issues such as Autistic Spectrum Condition.
  • Worked in the NHS in a multi-professional Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team.  An idependent practioner in various settings.
  • An experienced trainer who provides training on a regular basis to autism.west midlands, nasen, Resources for Autism, Language for Learning, specialist teachers, parents, and other professionals throughout the country.

Shauna Delaney's credentials include

  • An MSc in Speech and Language Therapy and Pathology from University College London; This provided access to many centres of excellence such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, Michael Palin Centre for Stammering and Camden’s Parent Child Interaction.
  • A BA (Magna Cum Laude) in English from University of Oregon; This provided an interest in language and the interaction amongst people.
  • A business background which ensures an excellent service to clients and their families.
  • Membership in RCSLT, HPC and ASLTIP.

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